GFR | Bull Shark was at liberty in the water for 41 days and swam 650 miles before recapture

Tag Recapture! GFR 1264
Bull Shark named “Clemente the Shark”

This Bull Shark was at liberty in the water for 41 days and swam approximately 650+ miles before being recaptured!

Sunday morning, September 20th, 2015, Steve Johnson and his wife Paula went out for a little snapper/grouper fishing in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  When they got to their favorite spot, it was covered up with boats.  So Steve decided to try a new spot he heard about that was a little bit deeper.  After having lines in the water for 30 minutes, Paula Johnson hooked up with a nice big Bull Shark.  She fought the shark for about 15 minutes and once she got it to the boat, they saw the green Gray FishTag Research fish tag and realized that particular Bull Shark had been tagged as part of scientific research.  Steve took a quick measurement and cut the tag out and they released the Bull Shark unharmed.

Paula Johnson had recaptured a Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas) that was originally tagged & released (Tag ID: GFR1264) by angler Jason Clemente on Autgust 11th, 2015 while fishing with Captain Mike Rodriguez and Mate Keith aboard the charter boat Therapy IV out of Haulover Inlet in southeast Florida and was named “Clemente the Shark”…