Raleigh Werking

Over the years Raleigh has been featured in many of the leading saltwater fishing magazines as well as Field & Stream, Alaska Magazine and Outdoor Life. He was also honored in the McGraw­ Hill book “Fishing Fame”. Stren has featured him in major national ad­ campaigns and catalogs. He has made guest appearances on numerous TV Shows including; Larry Dahlberg’s The Hunt For Big Fish, North American Fisherman, Sportsman’s Challenge with Doug Hannon, Fuzzy Zoeller’s K­Mart Outdoors, Guy Harvey’s Portraits From The Deep, Cabela’s Outdoors, Big Water Adventures with Mark Davis, Expedition Safari with Mike Rogers, Ford’s PBR Outdoors with Justin McBride, etc….

A dedicated conservationist, practicing only catch & release on all Billfish species. Recipient of the IGFA prestigious Elwood K. Harry Fellowship Award for continuing efforts on behalf of fellow anglers to enhance the sport, the habitat and environment. 1999 Considered to be one of the leading authorities on light ­tackle fishing. Is frequently quoted in the media on everything from Sailfish to Salmon. Broken 66 World Records.

  • Marketing Director of world­ famous Tropic Star Lodge of Panama for 25­ Years. Which Robb Report Magazine has named #1 in the World.
  • Produced “Santiago’s Finest Hour”, a book based on excerpts from Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man & The Sea” combined with pen & ink drawings by Guy Harvey.
  • Pioneered the line of Guy Harvey apparel and limited edition prints.
  • Founding member of the prestigious Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited organization.
  • Recipient of Safari Club International’s prestigious C.J. McElroy Award. 2011
  • Instrumental in the development of IGFA Junior & IGFA World Record Length programs.
  • Worked with Make A Wish Foundation to help make dreams come true.
  • Recipient of IGFA’s Bob Herder Light Tackle Award 2014
  • VP of Sales & Marketing for Crocodile Bay Resort & The Sanctuary At Osa Peninsula.

Werking, one of the leading pioneers of the imprinted sportswear industry. As well as one of the first distributors of wholesale blank sportswear. Founded T­Shirts of Florida Inc. in 1974. Started the business with a total investment of $3,000, which was parlayed into multi­-million dollars per year in annual sales, and 150 employees. Raleigh achieved success through a hands­-on common sense approach with close attention to detail and a vision towards the future.

Werking was able to determine what the market needed and figure out to deliver it! Which included: working with a team of commercial artists giving them input on what the market wanted. Extensive relationships with manufacturers, such as Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, designing and producing some of the most innovative colors and body styles in the sportswear industry.

While at the helm of TSF Raleigh discovered a fine young marine artist by the name of Guy Harvey. They teamed up to become a revolutionary force in the imprinted sportswear industry. The timing of Guy’s art and the introduction of 4­-color process printing on apparel was magic. Guy’s anatomically correct paintings reproduced on tee shirts have set the standard for the industry worldwide. The Guy Harvey line of sportswear today is recognized as the standard of the industry and can be seen all over the world.

While traveling the world with Guy in pursuit of new fishing experiences, Raleigh and Guy bonded, becoming the best of friends. When Guy wanted to see his art transformed to a paper medium, Raleigh was summoned for the task. In 1993 Guy Harvey Publishing was formed. Raleigh’s duties at GHP included everything from the selection of art to be reproduced to the actual hands­-on reproduction process itself. He also handled the retail marketing through catalog and Internet sales as well as a dealer network.

Since selling out to his partner in 1989 Raleigh has been able to pursue his love of light ­tackle fishing. His first World Record Pacific Sailfish of 120 pounds caught on 4­ pound test line was just the beginning. Since then he has brought a total of 66­World Records to the net. He has appeared on TV numerous times with ESPN and The Outdoor Channel fishing shows; including K­Mart Outdoors with Fuzzy Zoeller, Sportsman’s Challenge with Doug Hannon, North American Fisherman, Portrait’s From The Deep with Guy Harvey, The Hunt For Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg, Cabela’s Outdoors with Bill Boyce, Big Water Adventures with Mark Davis, Ford’s PBR Outdoors with Justin McBride and Expedition Safari with Mike Rogers. He’s been featured in many of the major fishing publications, including, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Alaska Magazine, Big Game Fishing Journal, Pacific Coast Sportfishing, Sport Fishing Magazine, Marlin Magazine, Saltwater Sportsman and The IGFA World Record Book, etc. While also beeing featured in fishing magazines worldwide, in several different languages. Raleigh has been honored with several of his World Record catches selected to be displayed at the IGFA World Fishing Hall of Fame & Outdoor World in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Writer Sue Cocking of the Miami Herald summed it all up; “To call Raleigh Werking a light-tackle fisherman would be like labeling Nolan Ryan another pitcher”.

As marketing consultant to the world famous Tropic Star Lodge of Panama, Raleigh teamed up Mike and Terri Andrews to bring TSL into the future. Being able to view it from a client’s perspective, while relating to management the options at hand was invaluable. Robb Report Magazine has honored TSL by naming it “Top Fishing Resort In The World.” Through Television Shows, videos, magazine articles, trade shows and advertising campaigns Raleigh helped mold TSL into a world class fishing destination.

As a spokesman for fishing line company Stren, Raleigh was featured in their national advertising campaign in1997.

This advertising campaign landed Raleigh full­page color spots in over 20 magazines and a spot in their catalog. Raleigh receiving Safari Club International’s prestigious CJ McElroy Award is the pinnacle of his career; becoming the first fisherman ever to be nominated for any SCI Award. Much less, its most prestigious, becoming only the 16th person to join this incredible group; which includes, the likes of Mike Simpson, Ugo Beretta, Dick Cabela, Craig Boddington, Jim Shockey, John Banovich, etc.

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