The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) conducts scientific research and hosts educational programs aimed at conserving the marine environment. The GHOF also funds affiliated researchers working to better understand our ocean ecosystem and educators helping to foster the next era of marine conservationists. The GHOF will help ensure that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a properly balanced ocean ecosystem.

“The Roosterfish is a favorite of mine to both paint and catch,” says world renowned artist, angler and conservationist Guy Harvey. “They are an immensely popular game fish yet very understudied. The GHOF is excited to partner with Gray FishTag Research to better understand the movements of these animals.”

April 20, 2016 – Gray FishTag Research is proud to announce the newly established research partnership between the NOAA FISHERIES and Gray FishTag Research tagging program.

Get in contact with our science and research team to obtain data gathered through the Gray FishTag Research program.

Travi-MooreOn-Site Fisheries Scientist – Travis Moore (M.S. Marine Biology) is the on-site scientist that is overseeing the day to day scientific operations and logistics in collaboration with the contributing scientists.

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Contributing Scientists

We are proud to be working directly with The Guy Harvey Ocean FoundationNOAA Fisheries and ROFFS.

GHOF- Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation


Gray FishTag Annual Reports

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Current Research Studies

All customer catch and tag reports will go directly to the scientific community at no cost.
Our science team is working hands on with the distribution of the data coming in from the field as it is collected and entered.



  • RECAPTURE – Silky Shark, GFR5415
    (Download Report PDF)
  • SAT-TAG – Roosterfish “Todd Flanders”
    (First ever Roosterfish Satellitie Tagged)
    View Study (Download PDF)
  • Global Overview of the major constituent-based billfish tagging programs and their results since 1984
    (Click for full report)


Active Research Centers


aqua-world-icon Aqua World
[Official Website]
j-Dock Icon Grande Alaska Lodge
[Official Website]
Marina-Pez-Vela-ICON Marina Pez Vela
[Official Website]
Los-Suenos-ICON  Los Sueños Resort and Marina
[Official Website]
crocodile-bay-ICON Crocodile Bay Resort
[Official Website]
Los-Suenos-ICON The Zancudo Lodge and Resort
[Official Website]
Pisces Sportfishing Icon Pisces Sportfishing Cabo San Lucas
[Official Website]
 sunset-marina-icon  Sunset Marina, Ocean City, MD
[Official Website]


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