Donor Directed Fish Tagging and Research Program

Gray FishTag Research is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.  We are an international and fully interactive fish tagging program powered by the world’s largest network of fishing professionals consisting of approximately 10,000 charter boat captains and mates.

Our objective is to have 100% of our network actively involved in the GFR tagging program.

We need your help to continue to provide fish tags, education to the fishing industry, tagging sticks and equipment, scientific tag recovery studies, fish tracking systems, and other valuable resources to professional fisherman at no cost. Your annual tax deductible donation will include you in our growing list of partners assisting us to bridge the gap between professional fisherman and scientists leading to better outcomes for the sustainability of our fisheries.

You may choose your favorite fish and we will have a professional fisherman tag and release it for you along with all of the other benefits provided below.

Engage, Become A Contributor:

To join, please contact us directly by calling 844.824.8353 or email us at

Recognition benefits run concurrent with the GFR fiscal year. (Jan1 -Dec 31)

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