GotFish1-The Outlaw- Pacific Halibut Recovery!

ANGLER: Connor Carter

TAG ID: GFR15661

SPECIES TAGGED: Halibut, Pacific (Hippoglossus stenolepis)

DATE: 06/09/2019

LOCATION: Latouche Island, Alaska, USA

RESEARCH CENTER: Grande Alaska Lodge

Official Research Center

BOAT NAME: Striker
CAPTAIN NAME: Keoni Tamayo


OCEAN: Pacific

Lat/Long of Deployment:
LATITUDE: 59.44.4980
LONGITUDE: -147.54.694

Lat/Long of Recovery:
LATITUDE: 59.45.711
LONGITUDE: -147.54.195

Total linear nautical miles:  6.2 nautical miles

Days at Large:  1,085 days [ 2 years, 11 months, 21 days]

Estimated Size and Weight: 59in, 91.8lbs [61.8 lbs heavier and 17 inches larger ]

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