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Gray FishTag Research Centers are continuing ground breaking research

Gray FishTag Research is proud to acknowledge the hard, consistent and productive work that is being done by our Research Centers and their crews. The continued efforts are truly helping our initiative in being able to analyze the data coming in from the tagged fish and providing relevant information.

In Costa Rica alone, the four research centers: Marina Pez Vela, Los Sueños Resort and Marina, Crocodile Bay Eco Lodge and Zancudo Lodge have tagged over 1300 fish.

That is an incredible number given the short time period that we have been up and running.  Out of the 1300 tags, Marina Pez Vela has reached a milestone of 500 tags deployed. The crews on Double Nickel and Good Day have relentlessly been contributing to the program. They have helped perfect the way to interact and inform the charter customers on how to get involved in fisheries science. In return they have gained an engaged and satisfied customer who is more likely to remember their fishing trip and becoming a repeat customer.

The owner, General Manager and entire staff at Marina Pez Vela have all rallied behind this effort. They are providing an office (iFish) for customers and crews to come and log their catch data. Mr. Jeff Duchesneau has led the effort in conjunction with Mr. Alcides Alfaro and Mr. Carter Takacs to spearhead the model with a record number of tags deployed which has resulted in MPV being the top Research Center worldwide at this time.

We are equally humbled and excited about the work being completed by all the crews from AquaWorld (Cancun, MX) and the Pisces Group (Cabo, MX), as well as our research centers Grande Alaska Lodge, and Sunset Marina (Ocean City, Maryland.) There are so many other people to thank as well. We have boats and crews in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Florida Keys who all contribute on a daily basis.

The number of fish tagged within a research center is also relevant to when the facility joined Gray FishTag; but, some friendly competition is, of course, always welcomed as it adds an element of additional fun to the activity.  We are continuing to give our tags and applicators for free, so we do value diversity of species over quantity when it comes to fish that we tag. However, getting as many tags in the water will also produce the most accurate and informed data.

We are also glad to see the crews being so involved and taking pride in educating their angling customer while deploying our tags.  Please visit GrayFishTag.org and the Live Tag Feed to see the incredible work being put in by all the charter fishing professionals helping us.

Tagging Highlights

  • Double Nickel has tagged and released over 150 fish in 2 years!
  • Good Day out of Marina Pez Vela tagged and released several fish via fly fishing! One was a Striped Marlin that was recaptured a few days later by Macusla out of Los Suños Marina.
  • Each boat in the Therapy IV fleet recently tagged and recaptured a Greater Amberjack in one weekend.

For more information please contact us directly at
844.824.8353 or via email at info@GrayFishTag.org