The Ingrams

Gray FishTag recovers a Satellite tag off the coast in Costa Rica


FRIENDS…  last week we had a Satellite Tag recovered in Costa Rica. Talk about a needle in a haystack. The odds of recovering one of these tags after popping off are “one in a million.”  However, thanks to great friends, a great team and world-wide support we got it.

A Pop-Up Satellite Archival Tag (PSAT) that was originally deployed on a Roosterfish while fishing the coastal waters near Quepos, Costa Rica has been found and returned to us!

This PSAT was is part of a larger project evaluating Roosterfish behavior and movement along the Central American Pacific coast. It was deployed during our visit to Marina Pez Vela and our tagging group was joined by Mr. Gray Ingram and Mrs. Camilla Ingram, and sponsored by the Ortiz family and employees at Marina Pez Vela.

After being deployed for 60 days the tag popped off and was now floating in the water. Incredibly the tag was recovered by a local gentleman Mr. Emiliano Vasquez while he was kayaking the coastal waters of the Gulf of Nicoya, near Paquera, Costa Rica.  Mr. Vasquez described seeing something unusual in the water and once he pulled the tag out of the water he recognized the importance of what he found. He immediately decided it needed to be returned to its owner. After finding the contact information embedded in the tag he made arrangements to return it to one of our local representatives, Christian Bolaños of Gray Taxidermy. Mr. Vasques was thrilled to learn the importance of his effort and the fact that we will learn more about game fish, in particular the Roosterfish. For his effort we rewarded him $250.00 a pair of Costa Sunglasses and Gray FishTag Apparel.

What makes this story even more remarkable is how the tag got back to our office in Florida. While once again visiting Costa  Rica, this time in Los Sueños Resort & Marina, Mr. and Mrs. Ingram met with our representative Christian near Los Sueños. A few words were exchanged before they had to rush to the airport and head back to the US. The Ingrams excitedly returned it to our office in Pompano Beach the next day. Talk about full circle!!

These are the kind of stories that make our program so unique and worthwhile. The large Gray FishTag Research network, all the supporters, Charter Captains and Mates, marina personnel and friends in general, all pulling together making the program move ahead. We could not do this without all the help and we are forever grateful. Stay tuned for the most detailed analysis ever, of a Pacific Roosterfish. By getting the actual tag back, we are now able to get a complete and total picture of all its activity.

Thank you all again and we are looking forward to many more stories alike!!!!