Gray FishTag Research continuing groundbreaking Roosterfish study

“Los Gatos” Roosterfish Study
Satellite tags to be deployed on Roosterfish in Costa Rica

The Gray FishTag Research team will be travelling to Costa Rica this coming weekend to continue the groundbreaking research into Roosterfish movement and behavior. The GFR team will be deploying 1 satellite tag and 2 implantable tags during this expedition.

Gray FishTag Los Gatos Sponsors

The owner of Marina Pez Vela has personally funded the satellite tag, while GFR Advisory Board Members Mr. Jeff Duchesneau and Mr. Cater Takacs personally donated their winnings from the Pelagic Triple Crown Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, MX., to fund the other tags. The representatives from Marina Pez Vela will be joining the GFR team for this phase of the project.

This will be an exciting continuation of Roosterfish tagging and research. Stay tuned for more updates on the project and the great work being done by all the GFR Research Centers in Costa Rica.

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