GrayFishTag Research welcomes Squidnation as our latest sponsor.

Squidnation LogoWe are excited to announce our most recent sponsor. With an immediate donation, SQUIDNATION (www.squidnation.com) has come aboard as a contributor for the Gray FishTag Research program.

The initial donation will be used towards the purchase of a PSAT Archival Tag that will be deployed on a Striped Marlin later this year. More details on this event will be shared later but it will be held in Cabo San Lucas, MX. Awesome stuff!!

SQUIDNATION has also agreed to become a sponsor for the “Tag Recapture program”. Anglers are already benefiting from reporting their tag recoveries by getting a pair of COSTA sunglasses. With SQUIDNATION now on board we will be able to provide the crew (Captain and Mate[s]) with world-class fishing tackle as well. It’s truly a win-win situation and we could not be more excited to have SQUIDNATION onboard. The entire GFR crew is looking forward to be working together.

The Story behind SQUIDNATION
Maryland based Squidnation was founded in 2004 after avid fisherman and owner Bill Pino witnessed the effectiveness of spreader bars in the Mid-Atlantic Tuna fishery. Fishing on his 32 foot Incommunicado- Bill watched two of the top local charter boats limit out on yellowfins using spreader bars.  At that point, Bill decided to give spreader bars a try but couldn’t find a supplier without ordering online.  Bill thought that full body squids may cause a bit more commotion then the shell squids that he had seen being used.  He designed certain color patterns and contacted some manufacturers of rubber fishing lures and began producing some squids for personal use.

The Ocean City season was winding down but it was time to test his experimental squid bars.  Bill and his crew set out towards the Washington lumps and quickly jumped on by football sized yellowfin tuna.  The next week Bill was a guest on an overnight trip charter trip on the charter boat Espadon with Captain Sylvain Cote’.  On Oct 2nd at 8:00pm at night Bill deployed a 12 inch squid spreader bar, complete with the newly designed squids.  As he was setting it in the short rigger position it was ripped from his hands by a 186lb big eye.  That was his first big eye tuna.  A few days later he set out on his own boat Incommunicado and was slammed by a quadruple header of Big Eye Tuna all falling prey to his new funky colored squid bars.  Word had started to spread and Bill was soon making spreader bars for all his friends and quickly followed by orders from friends of friends. Within a few weeks he had orders for over 100 bars and a business was born.

The Rasta Bar as Bill would call it became the hot item the following year and orders spread around the charter and private fleets from South Jersey to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We were astonished at the numbers of bars we were selling. By this time Squidnation had a selection of 5 colors and 3 sizes to choose from.  Most of these colors and sizes were produced at the request of avid tuna fisherman.  Squidnation became known for the company that could make special colors and sizes and produce them in a relatively quick time frame.  Listening to customer needs and requests became a cornerstone of success for this young company.

A year later a charter captain suggested that the Squidnation Natural Squid would look good on a dredge bar.  We tried it and were astounded.  The Squidnation Maulers lit up the most electric blue and made for an impressive looking bait ball.  The marlin loved it also, as well as all the other game fish in the Mid-Atlantic canyons.  Pretty soon we were using it exclusively on all our marlin trips.  The Squidnation Squid Dredge soon gained as many followers as doubters.  The Predator Team fished the Squidnation Squid Dredge out of Ocean City for an entire season and won the private boat marlin release division of the Ocean City Marlin Club.  The team amassed an impressive 103 white marlin releases during that year and fishermen started to take notice of the effectiveness of the Squidnation Dredge.  Slowly the popularity made its way south, way south all the way to Costa Rica.

A few Squidnation Dredges started popping up on Costa Rican boats targeting sailfish.  The results did not disappoint.  Soon boats were realizing that Squidnation Squid Dredges were raising as many fish as natural dredges.  This is extremely appealing to charter boats since A Squidnation Dredge was exponentially less expensive then continually purchasing mullet or ballyhoo for dredges.  The popularity swung north on the Pacific Coast when the traveling tournament team Tranquilo starting using Squidnation Dredges in various port along the Central American Pacific. The team kept winning up and down the coast.  Meanwhile on the Atlantic Ocean side the Squidnation Squid Dredges were gaining in popularity among the Dominican fleets and some crews were pulling them while hi speed luring fishing Bermuda and the Bahamas.  Squidnation Dredges had made it on to the best of the best of world traveling bill fishermen.

In 2013 the Squidnation brand went viral with the invention of the now ubiquitous teaser “That Flippy Floppy Thing”.  Catchy name aside the rig worked and word spread throughout the worldwide fishing community that the Flippy Floppy was a must have teaser in every arsenal.

Today Squidnation is represented well along the entire east coast and most countries where billfish are sought.  Squidnation squids have proven their effectiveness as a popular bait of choice for commercial Greenstickers targeting bluefin, yellowfin and big eye tuna.  Commercial deep droppers have also begun to see great results while deep dropping Squidnation Glow Squids.

Squidnation has now become a household name in the fishing industry.  Squidnation has continually been on the forefront of the offshore fishing industry.  The company is continually experimenting with new ideas and products to improve catches worldwide.  Put a Squidnation Dredge, Spreader Bar or Teaser Chain in your spread today and notice the difference.