Daniel Espinoza

Born in Quepos central pacific of Costa Rica, married with three children , my passion  was always fishing. At 14 years old I started working as a mate on a 26´Strike, by my 17 I was captain of a Bertram 28′ after some years, I moved to 32´ Blackfin (the Bob Cat), which I was working on for seven years.  I was later involved in building a boat in Costa Rica, and was part of the hiring process when  we hired  local people for the construction of the 42´ Spanish Fly. The idea was just to build one boat, however while working on this project people asked if we could build additional boats. This became the start of Maverick Yachts.  In the beginning I was part of the company at a smaller scale but I am now the inspector and manager of the Maverick.

During my time as the Captain of the Spanish Fly for ten years it gave me the most memorable times on the water and greatest triumphs as far as fishing goes. I was also the winner of several tournaments.

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