James A. Donofrio

Originally from New Jersey, Mr. Donofrio serves as a United States Delegate to the International Commission on the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) advisory committee, and as a committee member on the Federal Highly Migratory Species Advisory Panel.  During his years on the water, Mr. Donofrio watched as the fisheries that had for so long supported both commercial and recreational fishing began to dwindle.  It was Mr. Donofrio’s concern for the perilous state of fisheries that prompted him to conceive, organize, and develop the Recreational Fishing Alliance with Robert T. Healey, CEO of Viking Yacht Company, a world-renowned builder of sportfishing yachts.  Under their guidance, the organization has expanded from the “good idea” it was thirteen years ago to the powerful lobbying organization that it is today.

RFA is a national grassroots lobbying organization representing saltwater anglers from coast to coast. The RFA is dedicated to leveling the political playing field in Washington, D.C. regarding fisheries issues, thereby helping to restore the nation’s marine fishery resources to their historic levels of abundance and fighting for the rights of individual anglers.  The RFA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation; the RFA membership is comprised of saltwater anglers, marine and tackle manufacturers, members of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, American Sportfishing Association, National Marine Trade Council, the Marine Retailer’s Association of America, the Marine Operator’s Association of America, and national and regional fishing publishers.

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