Richard Tanner

August 1st 1946 born into a family of fishermen and hunters in Ventura Cailf. First fishing recall: Fly fishing the Sierras with my Dad, age 6-7. Original pier rat age of 9 onwards. Only 2 miles to the pier, and we could stay all Saturday night. Never caught much using the old Calcutta poles, but was fishing, and figured out “you are always learning”.

In Alaska for 6 weeks in 1959, as it became a state. Flew as copilot in a Piper Cub across the wilderness stopping in each fish camp along the way to the coast. Traveled with a USO troop to different villages and got to fish everywhere, and meet some great people. Guess this is where I figured out that all the fishermen I had met so far in my life were great people and would always be there if you needed them.

Moved to Ft.Lauderdale in the summer of 1960, and growing up on Tarpon Bend. So each morning it was the wake up to do some casting before school and all evening before bed. 1962 actually take the 8′ pram up the Himmarche canal and park it across the highway from the old FLHS, then troll home after school. During the summers it was each day with my best friend Bim Gill just fishing and dreaming about the next bite.

College took too many years away from fishing, so summers were either back to Calif. and the surfing or pier fishing again, or to the keys for Tarpon. Owned too many small boats over the years, but was more fun to go on larger ones with many friends.

Some lost years in the Medical Supply business, but saw some open doors doing it. Lived in Barbuda and built a restaurant and waited on tourists to show up, so plenty of time to work the island in search of the elusive bite. Returned to the states needing a job. Went to my old friend Scotty Boyd and was hired to do the first ever 80 tag sticks for the Ft. Lauderdale Billfish Tournament. Some days worked 24 hours to try and get them done in time for the tournament, this was the first tagging event, I believe. Wow they were expensive $30.00.

 Business Fishing wise: Manager of Bill Boyds for 2 stints, LMR 2 stints, and manager of Crook & Crook for one time. Hated the hours so started my own wholesale business and was successful for 20 years, sold it for paper, then lost everything. Designed many products for the industry and had fun doing it. Had over 2000 SKU’s, private label items, listed for Offshore Angler and the Calcutta label.

 Started with Norm Isaacs and the BXRL as a judge, and stayed with the program, acting as tournament director until its demise with the sale of the league to the now defunct Cay Clubs. As a judge and COP, I have wound up with over 400 days as a Judge or observer, and am very proud to have been part of the action.

 Meeting all these different people from the league, brought me to Costa Rica, where everybody winds up some day, and some of decide to stay. So I opened a little tackle store outside of Los Suenos marina and serve coffee to my friends each morning. My partner Georgia handles the clothing part of the business and travels all over the country with me, as we sponsor pier tournaments for the children of the country.

My ashes will never leave this place and Georgia will carry on the legacy of keeping the customer happy!!

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