Terri, the Fighter – Silky Shark Recovery!

ANGLER: Jordan Richards

TAG ID: 23437
SPECIES TAGGED: Silky Shark (Carcharhinus falciformis)

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

DATE: 03/17/2019

BOAT NAME: Three way

Catch Data

OCEAN: Atlantic

Lat/Long of Deployment:
LATITUDE: 26.15617
LONGITUDE: -80.07515

Lat/Long of Recovery:
LATITUDE: 26.35.220
LONGITUDE: 80.00.420

Total linear nautical miles: 25.2

Days at Large: 31

Estimated Size and Weight: 32in, 15 lbs

The fish appeared very healthy and was released successfully without the hook. Tag was left in the fish.

BAIT USED: Live Bait – Pilchard