Gray FishTag Research (GFR) is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.  This is an international and fully interactive fish tagging program powered by the world’s largest network of fishing professionals consisting of approximately 10,000 charter boat captains and mates.

GFR is an essential tool for promoting the sustainability of marine game fish and increasing public resource awareness.  The program is collecting information in real-time, producing valuable scientific data, directly from fishermen in every part of the world.  We are connecting professional fishermen and angling enthusiasts with the scientific community who is desperate for relevant data.

All fish species in every ocean are being monitored. Billfish, sharks, general offshore and inshore fish species are being tracked and recorded. Results provide scientists and biologists with valuable information on migration patterns, fish stocks, growth rates, habitat depths and much more.

The data collected is being analyzed and used for scientific purposes and shared with any interested parties at NO COST.

The success of the program is made possible by the participation of the hard-working fishing professionals, our Official Research Centers, and the generous contributions from our donors and sponsors. Our pledge is also to continue to offer all tags, applicators, data cards, hands-on training and support to the professional fisherman for FREE; as this continues to be the key to accurate data and the success of the program.

Easy Registration Process

Naming and registering your catch is quick and easy as 1, 2 3. You simply fill out the information from the Tag & Research Card provided to you at the time of your catch.

Smart Technology

You can utilize any technology to register… Smart phone, Tablet or Desktop Computer. You can also call us Toll-Free at 844-824-8353 to provide us with the information.

Interactive Map and Live Tag Feed

Once your catch is recorded and verified your data will appear on this website. Don’t worry, none of your personal information will be visible or shared.  We will only publish the catch and species information you provide along with the geographical location of where your fish was caught.

Dedicated Support

If you have any questions our support team is standing by to answer your call. Your Captain or mate are also an excellent resource to answer any questions you may have.
If you or like to make a contribution to our cause, you can do so by contacting us directly or calling Toll-Free at 844-824-8353.

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