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We are the worlds premier multi-species fish tagging program

Gray FishTag Research is the world’s largest cooperative fish tagging and research program. We are powered by the top sportfishing charter captains, mates, and industry leading sponsors and advisory board members. Our team conducts research efforts on all species of fish and are in the forefront of satellite tagging studies worldwide.

There is no other research program like Gray FishTag Research. Our mission is to work closely with charter sportfishing professionals who introduce thousands of anglers to the world of fish tagging and tracking while educating on the benefits of proper fish handling and release.

The data collected is shared with any interested parties at NO COST.

We are a not for profit, all species, international fish tagging program. Our pledge is to offer all tagging supplies, hands-on training and support for charter captains worldwide for FREE. This mission continues to be the key to accurate daily data and the success of our program.

In our research efforts we strive to be fun and interactive. We strongly believe that by introducing an angler to tagging and allowing them to “Name”  their own fish will increase awareness and interest.

The success of the program is made possible by the participation of the hard working fishing professionals and the generous contributions from sponsors and donors.

We are committed to offering the data collected from our tag data cards and satellite studies at NO COST. Our goal is to bridge the gap between professional fisherman and the science community.

Join our efforts and be part of a groundbreaking research initiative!

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Our program operates thanks to the generous donations and contributions from our sponsors, research centers and supporters.


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Our proud research partners are actively introducing the Gray FishTag Research fish tagging program to their guests, visitors and customer base. This allows them to interact and engage directly with customers from around the globe who share the same vision and interest to fishing and research.

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We are the premier Multi-Species Fish Tagging Program in the World!

All fish species in every ocean are being monitored. Billfish, sharks, general offshore and inshore fish species are being tracked and recorded. Results provide scientists and biologists with valuable information on migration patterns, fish stocks, growth rates, habitat depths and much more.

Join our growing list of supporters and sponsors.

The success of the program is made possible by the participation of the hard-working fishing professionals, our Official Research Centers, and the generous contributions from our donors and sponsors. Our pledge is also to continue to offer all tags, applicators, data cards, hands-on training and support to the professional fisherman for FREE; as this continues to be the key to accurate data and the success of the program.

Logging Your Catch and Release

Be part of something unique, fun and groundbreaking all while you do what you love.  Next time you are fishing with your official Gray FishTag Research Captain, ask to tag, record your catch before the release. Naming and registering your catch is quick and easy as 1, 2 3.

You simply fill out the information from the Tag & Research Card provided to you at the time of your catch. You can also use the form on this website to enter the data collected straight into our database. The entry along with any photo submitted will then be visible on our "Live Tag Feed" page.

Your Registered Catch

Once your catch is recorded and verified your data will appear on our Live Tag Feed. Don’t worry, none of your personal information will be visible or shared.  We will only publish the catch and species information you provide along with the geographical location of where your fish was caught.