Steve Hargett

Steve Hargett

A licensed USCG Captain, Veteran, and Principal with the Hargett & Tabb Insurance Agency, Steve has been an active and avid sport fisherman both inshore and offshore nearly all his life. On his first offshore trip at age 8 he won the “pool” and was hooked for life.

After becoming a certified observer in 2004 Steve has participated on a regular basis in the offshore fishing industry, an activity he truly loves. A strong advocate for conservation of the billfish, Steve has observed in International Billfish Tournaments in Venezuela, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and St. Thomas and Maryland.

Steve is married to the former Lisa Adams of Shreveport, La. When attending tournaments, on off days you will find Steve and his wife either on a boat fishing or off diving the local waters. They have a married daughter and son in college. They are proud parents of a future world class grandson angler.

Steve is the President of International Game Fish Tournament Observers, Inc. (IGFTO)

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