Steel 64 – Double Striped Bass Recovery!

THIRD ANGLER: Leo Mc Connell TAG ID: GFR57764SPECIES TAGGED: Bass, striped (Morone saxatilis) LOCATION: Offshore Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA DATE: 10/19/2023 RESEARCH CENTER: The Fisherman MagazineBOAT NAME: SeastarCAPTAIN NAME: Dennis McConnell SECOND ANGLER INFORMATION: … Read More

Steel 64 – Striped Bass Recovery!

ANGLER: Joseph Torres TAG ID: GFR57764 SPECIES TAGGED: Bass, striped (Morone saxatilis) DATE: 05/20/2023 LOCATION: Offshore City Island, Bronx, New York, USA RESEARCH CENTER: The Fisherman Magazine BOAT NAME: It’s Aboat Time CAPTAIN NAME: Joseph … Read More