Buckbeak – Double Sheepshead Recovery!

THIRD ANGLER: Emma Thompson

TAG ID: GFR63103
SPECIES TAGGED: Sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus)

LOCATION: St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, USA

DATE: 02/10/2024

RESEARCH CENTER: The Fisherman Magazine
BOAT NAME: Cecis Dock

SECOND ANGLER: Raymond Alexander

Location: St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, USA

DATE: 12/21/2023

BOAT NAME: Cecis Dock


Photo from Original Deployment

ANGLER: Raymond Alexander

DATE: 12/17/2023
LOCATION: St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, USA

BOAT NAME: Cecis Dock

Catch Data

OCEAN: Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico

Lat/Long of Deployment:
LATITUDE: 27.69702
LONGITUDE: -82.73049

Lat/Long of Recovery:
LATITUDE: 27.69725
LONGITUDE: -82.73028


BAIT USED: Dead Bait

TOTAL LINEAR NAUTICAL MILES:  < 1 nautical miles

DAYS AT LARGE: 51 days

MEASURED LENGTH and WEIGHT: 14 in / 2 lbs

ADDITIONAL REMARKS: This is the second time recovering Buckbeat. This fish has not moved and has been recaught twice now in the same location it was released in Saint Pete Beach Florida back in December. The Tag was recorded and the fish was released with original tag.