Roxanne – Striped Bass Recovery!

ANGLER: Edward Schneyer Jr. TAG ID: GFR53302SPECIES TAGGED: Bass, striped (Morone saxatilis) LOCATION: Offshore Fire Island, New York, USA DATE: 11/04/2023 RESEARCH CENTER: The Fisherman MagazineBOAT NAME: SeaHunt Side PieceCAPTAIN NAME: Christopher AlpMATE 1 NAME: … Read More

TT 7 -TripleTail Recovery!

ANGLER: Sid Little TAG ID: GFR60282SPECIES TAGGED: Tripletail (Lobotes surinamensis) DATE: 10/30/2023 LOCATION: Choctawhatchee Bay, Florida, USA BOAT NAME: Lil LuckyCAPTAIN NAME: Sid Little ORIGINAL ANGLER INFORMATION: ANGLER: Brett Posey DATE: 09/24/2023LOCATION: Panhandle, Florida, USA  BOAT NAME: Brett’s … Read More

Ole Fat Whiskers – Blue Catfish Recovery!

ANGLER: Jonathan Burton TAG ID: GFR43369 SPECIES TAGGED: Blue Catfish DATE: 10/23/2023 LOCATION: Tennessee River, Alabama, USA BOAT NAME: SeaArk CAPTAIN NAME: Josh Brown ORIGINAL ANGLER INFORMATION: ANGLER: Brent Jones DATE: 11/24/2021 LOCATION: Guntersville Lake, Alabama, USA … Read More

Richard – Sailfish Recovery!

ANGLER: Corey Robinson TAG ID: GFR46002 SPECIES TAGGED: Sailfish, Atlantic (Istiophorus albicans) DATE: 10/21/2023 LOCATION: Offshore Kendall, Miami, Florida, USA CAPTAIN NAME: Corey Robinson ORIGINAL ANGLER INFORMATION: ANGLER: Landon Barr DATE: 11/27/2021 LOCATION: Offshore Fort Lauderdale, Florida, … Read More

Ottertail 4 – Striped Bass Recovery!

ANGLER: Brad Pollitt TAG ID: GFR61161 SPECIES TAGGED: Striped Bass DATE: 10/20/2023 LOCATION: Nanticoke River, Maryland, USA BOAT NAME: Lou Ann CAPTAIN NAME: Brad Pollitt MATE 1 NAME: Christopher Decker ORIGINAL ANGLER INFORMATION: ANGLER: Bill Pino … Read More

Steel 64 – Double Striped Bass Recovery!

THIRD ANGLER: Leo Mc Connell TAG ID: GFR57764SPECIES TAGGED: Bass, striped (Morone saxatilis) LOCATION: Offshore Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA DATE: 10/19/2023 RESEARCH CENTER: The Fisherman MagazineBOAT NAME: SeastarCAPTAIN NAME: Dennis McConnell SECOND ANGLER INFORMATION: … Read More

Snoopy- Sailfish Recovery!

ANGLER: James Fenn TAG ID: GFR28869 SPECIES TAGGED: Sailfish, Atlantic (Istiophorus albicans) DATE: 10/16/2023 LOCATION: Offshore Boynton Beach, Florida, USA BOAT NAME: Controlled Chaos CAPTAIN NAME: James Fenn MATE 1 NAME: Julio Echeverri ORIGINAL ANGLER … Read More

Juliet – Striped Bass Recovery!

ANGLER: Justin Campbell TAG ID: GFR49844SPECIES TAGGED: Bass, striped (Morone saxatilis) DATE: 10/16/2023 LOCATION: Atlantic Beach, New York, USA BOAT NAME: Dark HorseCAPTAIN NAME: Justin Campbell ORIGINAL ANGLER INFORMATION: ANGLER: Ginger Tatem DATE: 06/01/2023LOCATION: Shrewsbury Rocks, New … Read More

Sanford 23 – Striped Bass Recovery!

ANGLER: Matthew Pressler TAG ID: GFR53147 SPECIES TAGGED: Bass, striped (Morone saxatilis) DATE: 10/14/2023 LOCATION: Long Island Sound, Northville, New York, USA RESEARCH CENTER: The Fisherman Magazine BOAT NAME: Live4DaysOff CAPTAIN NAME: Matthew Pressler MATE … Read More

Sandbar Shark Recovery!

ANGLER: Summer Buck TAG ID: GFR4342 SPECIES TAGGED: Shark, sandbar (Carcharhinus plumbeus) DATE: 10/13/2023 LOCATION: Stono River, South Carolina, USA BOAT NAME: Reel Estate CAPTAIN NAME: Michael Johnson ORIGINAL ANGLER INFORMATION: ANGLER: Rick Stringer DATE: 10/06/2023 LOCATION: … Read More